Fugate's Martial Arts Center is a great place to challenge yourself!

I've been studying Isshinryu Karate at Fugate's Martial Arts Center since April, 2010. My husband & daughter started studying there in December, 2009, really enjoyed the classes, and kept telling me that I should train with them. I wasn't interested in actually practicing any martial arts, myself at the time, however this dojo has an exercise program, & Sensei Fugate seemed nice, so I started to think it might be a good idea to try it. Once I started karate though, I started to feel stronger & more confident. Karate makes you physically, mentally & spiritually stronger. It's a lifelong study, and I love it!
— Mari Weeden
Fugate's Martial Arts Center is an excellent place for my family to work together on physical training, sef defense, and discipline. My 12 & 9 year old children have really excelled under Sensei Fugate's instruction. Due to past injuries and normal aging, I had given up on trying to stay in shape. However, I am excited at how well my 41 year old body has responded to the training. My family is honored to be apart of Fugate's Martial Arts Center.
— Wes Fanning
Studying at Fugate's Isshinryu has been an amazing experience! I have enrolled in several other schools of thought, and non e have come close to the perfect synthesis of family-friendly instruction, and leadership training that is offered at Fugate's Isshinrryu. Mr. Fugate teaches Isshinryu Karate in such a way that anyone from age 2 to 102 would enjoy and understand.

— Andrew Norton